Unless otherwise noted all classes are held at:
1106 Almond Drive, Mansfield, Texas 76063

Receipt of the completed registration form (accessible via the register here link at the bottom of each class description) along with payment for the class reserves your spot and is determined on a first come first reserved basis.  You may use the PayPal option on the services page to pay or attach a check to your registration form and mail it to the above address.

Counter Cultures – 3 Part Series  Take 1 or all 3 classes

Karen McFarland, NTP, CHFS, CGP ™
Next class date To Be Determined… email me if interested!

Did you know that 70-80% of your immune system resides in your gut?  Consuming cultured foods regularly offers the most efficient and effective way to keep the immune and digestive systems in balance and functioning optimally.  We are offering this  class to equip participants with the tools and techniques to make your own cultured foods.  Culturing vegetables are medicinally healing, easy to make and with a little creativity a lot of fun in the kitchen.

Part 1        $30

In this 1 1/2  hour class you’ll learn a bit of the history as well as the benefits of consuming cultured foods and how to make sauerkraut including variations.  Each participant is encouraged to make a batch of sauerkraut at home and return to the second class with questions regarding their experience.

Part 2       $30

In this 1 1/2 hour class we will explore different  culturing methods and make a batch of cultured vegetables. Each participant we’ll take home starter recipes and a culture starter packet for making your own batch at home.  Again class  participants are encouraged to make a batch of cultured vegetables and return to Part 3 with questions generated by their experience.

For additional information on why this superfood should be a part of your daily diet see Dr. Mercola’s article here.

Part 3     $30

In this final class of the series we will make KimChi…made quite differently than the previous two cultured foods we’ve learned to make.  We will cover ways to increase the heat without adding members of the night shade family which tend to be problematic for those with intestinal issues.   In addition to the KimChi class attendees will learn to make cultured coconut water also known as “coconut Kefir.”

Space is limited to 12 participants in each part of the series.

You may register here or for additional information email me.

Stock Making the Old Fashioned Way

Karen McFarland, NTP, CHFS, CGP ™
Next class date to be determined …email me if interested!

Making your own homemade stock positions you to create a quick and nourishing meal for your family when pressed for time.  It’s rich in minerals and serves as the basis for soups, stews, braises and even stands on it’s own.  Drinking three cups of homemade gelatinous broth facilitates healing of your intestines and enhances digestion.  In this class you’ll learn the difference in meat stock, bone broth and stock as well as a variety of tips and techniques and the health benefits associated with making your own wonderful broths…free of artificial coloring, preservatives and MSG and delish!  To begin experiencing the benefits of broth right away attendees will take home a one quart jar of broth of their choosing…either beef, chicken or fish.

Cost: $75.00 per person.
Space is limited to 6 participants.
You may register here or for additional information email me.

Winter / Spring 2015 Grow Your Own

Larry and Karen McFarland
Certified Square Foot Gardening Instructors
Next class date to be determined …email me if interested!

Time for continued planning and planting of your winter / spring  garden.

You will learn how to grow the most nutritious food possible using less water, effort, space and time than traditional methods of growing.  We’ll cover techniques that will enable you to prepare your growing area in the morning and plant your food crop transplants or seeds in the afternoon.  No kidding.  No weeding.  No digging.  If this sounds like your kind of gardening join us for tips on this very simple yet effective system that is perfect for beginning and expert gardeners alike. You will learn location, 4 X 4 square foot garden box construction, ideal soil mixture preparation, planting techniques, space saving vertical gardening, what to plant now and out-of-season growing techniques.  Growing your food on this smaller well prepared plot will save 80 percent of the space, water and work that is typically used in a conventional garden spot.  You’ll also experience vegetable gardens and composting in various phases of production.

COST: $60.00
Space is Limited to 10 participants.
You may register here or for additional information email me.