Essentials for Enduring Health

Welcome to Essentials for Enduring Health…

  • Do you have food allergies, sensitivities or reactions?
  • Do you crave sweets, get a temporary boost in energy and mood then later crash?
  • Do you experience digestive discomforts like gas, bloating, heartburn, fatigue or belching after meals?
  • Do you experience constipation or diarrhea?
  • Do you have difficulty sleeping through the night?
  • Do you have a family history of diabetes,  hypoglycemia or alcoholism?
  • Have you been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, inflammatory bowel disease, colitis or celiac disease?

Although these questions may seem unrelated…what they share in common is that there are underlying causes in every case.  Together, we will explore your situation including your health history, current challenges, goals and other lifestyle influences.  Based upon this information we will create a plan to help you restore balance and enhance your health.  Perhaps you aren’t dealing with a specific health challenge at this time but have an interest in proactively preparing  for a healthy pregnancy, aging healthfully or you simply want to improve your overall wellness…one-on-one consultations are an excellent way to support you in pursuit of these goals as well.

Anyone who seeks to make positive changes in their overall health can benefit from one-on-one consultations and your commitment and participation are key to our having a successful partnership.    Having worked through my own health challenges before finding nutritional therapy, I know how difficult it can be to navigate the myriad of options without proper support in place.  That’s where my one-on-one consultations will serve you best.  I will provide you with education and recommendations for change that address your unique situation and then support you as you work to incorporate them into your life.  I am committed to doing everything I can to support you in your pursuit of better health.

For additional information regarding what our time together may look like contact me for your initial one-on-one consultation appointment, where we’ll discuss your specific challenges and the possibility of a partnership in the interest of your health and vitality.


I currently offer  backyard vegetable gardening, cooking and nutrition focused classes.  Attendance is typically limited to 8 – 10 participants to allow for a more intimate and in-depth learning experience.  Attending a class is a wonderful way to connect with other locals who share similar goals and interests.  There is always great discussion and everyone has resources and knowledge to share with the group.  Please visit the classes page for more information on upcoming learning opportunities and registration information.